Fire Department & Family Resources

Fire Department & Family Resources

The CFFF has tremendous resources and support available for fire departments and families. The information below and the Pre-planning List to Prepare for a LODD document (which can be accessed by clicking on the name) both have lots of ideas and links to resources.

For significant help and advice contact the first resource below (LAST). You can also call the second resource (NFFF), or have a CFFRT team member do that for you. The Colorado team will keep the NFFF and the third changed to second resource below (CFFF) in the loop.

Local Assistance State Team (LAST)

Aka: Colorado Fallen Firefighters Response Team (CFFRT)

Through the NFFF the Department of Justice has established a team in every state to support the nation’s fire service survivors and fire departments that experience a LODD.  Each state team consists of trained specialists available to help departments take care of a LODD and apply for state and federal benefits.  There are roughly 20 things that need to be done within the first 24 hours following a LODD.  The team will only respond if requested.  The team does not come to take charge, only to assist as requested.  The team’s goal is to be on the ground within six hours and to be prepared to stay for a few days as needed.

LODD Hotline (24 hours) 1-866-736-5868

Fax: (301) 447-1645

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF)


P.O. Drawer 498

Emmitsburg, MD 21727

Phone: (301) 447-1365

LODD Hotline (24 hours) 1-866-736-5868

Fax: (301) 447-1645

Colorado Fallen Firefighters Foundation (CFFF)

P. O. Box 470097

Aurora, CO 80047-0097

Phone: 720-989-2527 (Voicemail only)

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)

Hotline to arrange for firefighter stress help 410-313-2473, Fax 240-644-6203 or call Ken Rice,

24/7, at 970-262-9212 or cell 970-418-0724

The Secret List

To be alerted about LODDs (almost anywhere) and receive fire safety news and information, join the Secret List at the following website:

The COLORADO Daily Dispatch (Missouri Valley Division of the IAFC)

Subscribe at the following website for daily state and national fire news:

Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Program

Bureau of Justice Assistance

810 Seventh Street NW

Washington, DC 20531

Submit benefit application forms online at:

Benefits can be found at:

Phone 888-744-6531 or 202-307-0635

Fax 202-616-0314

United States Fire Administration – USFA

16825 S. Seton Ave.

Emmitsburg, MD 21727

Phone: (301) 447-1272 or (301) 447-6771

The USFA provides an autopsy protocol at:

The Public Safety Officers Benefit (PSOB) regulations do not require that an autopsy be performed, however, the overwhelming majority of those for which claims were denied involved cases where no autopsy was performed.

The USFA Publications Center can be reached at 800-561-3356. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS-FEMA) and the National Fire Academy (NFA) share the USFA website and are housed together at the above address and phone number.

Lighthouse Uniform Company

“Any Firefighter, killed in the line of duty, will be provided, for burial purpose, at the request of the immediate family, a Class ‘A’ Dress Uniform. There is no charge for the uniform, rank striping or Maltese Crosses. The only cost involved is for freight, which we will bill to the affiliated department.”

1532 15th Avenue West

Seattle, WA 98119

Phone: 800-426-5225, 206-282-5600

Dignity Memorial Public Servants Program (Free/Reduced Funeral Services)

Recognizing the courage and selflessness of those who serve the public, Dignity Memorial network providers created the Public Servants Program for emergency service personnel. This program offers dignified and honorable tributes, at no cost, for career and volunteer law enforcement officers and firefighters who fall in the line of duty. In addition to providing burial services, the program offers extended counseling services to family members who experience this unsettling change in their lives, as well as the opportunity to create an Internet tribute to memorialize their fallen hero. Call 1-800-344-6489 for assistance.

Fire & Police Pension Association of Colorado (FPPA)

5290 DTC Parkway, Suite 100

Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111

Phone: (303) 770-3772 (FPPA) In the Denver Metro area

Or toll free nationwide 1(800) 332-3772 (FPPA)

Fax (303) 771-7622

For questions about general benefits, email

For questions about the Statewide Death and Disability process

Wildland Firefighter Foundation (For wildland LODDs)

2049 Airport Way

Boise, ID 83705-5104

Phone: (208) 336-2996

Fax: (208) 336-2995


National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Firefighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program

4676 Columbia Pkwy

Cincinnati, OH 45226

Phone: (800) 356-4674

Fax: (513) 841-4488

International Association of Firefighters – IAFF

(Recommended protocol for LODDs)

1750 New York Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20006

Phone: (202) 737-8484

Fax: (202) 737-8418

International Association of Fire Chiefs – IAFC

For LODD downloads, look under Health & Safety at:


4025 Fair Ridge Drive, Suite 300

Fairfax, VA 22033

Phone: (703) 273-0911

Fax: (703) 273-9363

National Volunteer Fire Council – NVFC

1050 17th Street NW, Suite 490

Washington, DC 20036


202.887.5291 (fax)


Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International

P.O. Box 901

Ft. Collins, CO. 80522-0901


(970) 416-9076 (Fax)


Office of Public Affairs – Room N3647

200 Constitution Ave.
Washington, DC 20210

Phone: (202) 693-1999

Federation of Fire Chaplains

Route 1, Box 155B

Clifton, Texas 76634

(254) 622-8514


National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)


1 Batterymarch Park

PO Box 9101

Quincy, MA 02269

Phone: (617) 770-3000

Fax: (617) 770-0700

National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS)

Phone: (888) 382-3827

Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms – ATF

Phone: (800) 788-7133

Workers Compensation Board

Phone: (800) 394-2767

Veterans Affairs Office

Phone: (800) 827-1000

Social Security Administration (SSA)

Underwriters Laboratories

American Petroleum Institute

Supporting Literature

Chaplain’s Manual: Fire Department Funerals

Federation of Fire Chaplains, 1994

Download from:


Federation of Fire Chaplains

Route 1, Box 155B, Clifton, Texas 76634

(254) 622-8514

Funeral Procedures for Firefighters

National Volunteer Fire Council, 1991

Contact: NVFC at



1050 17th Street, NW, Suite 490

Washington, DC 20036

(202) 887-5700/1-888-ASK-NVFC/FAX: (202) 887-5291

IAFF Recommended Protocol for Line-of-Duty Deaths

(NOTE: The IAFF will provide this protocol at the request of the IAFF District Vice President or local IAFF affiliates.)

International Association of Fire Fighters

1750 New York Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20006

(202) 737-8484 / FAX: (202) 737-8418

A Procedural Guide in the Event of Death in the Line of Duty of a Member of the Volunteer Fire Service

National Volunteer Fire Council, 1987

Contact: NVFC at:



1050 17th Street, NW, Suite 490

Washington, DC 20036

(202) 887-5700 / 1-888-275-6832 / FAX: (202) 887-5291

Final Farewell to a Fallen Firefighter: A Basic Fire Department Funeral Protocol

Fire Engineering Magazine, 1993

Fire Engineering Magazine

Park 80 West, Plaza Two, 7th Floor

Saddle Brook, NJ 07663

(201) 845-0800 / FAX: (201) 845-6275

For Those Who Gave So Much: Planning, Preparation, and Officiation of Funerals and Memorial Services for Public Safety Officers.

Dwaine Booth, 1993

Booth/Taylor Publishing

2579 Surrey Drive

Clearwater, FL 34615

(727) 789-3816

An Honorable Farewell

Warren L. James, Fire Chief Magazine, October 1998

Fire Chief Magazine

35 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 700

Chicago, IL 60601-2198

(312) 726-7277 / FAX: (312) 726-0241

Guide for Investigation of a Line of Duty Death, International Association of Fire Chiefs

Available online at:

Association of Fire Chiefs

4025 Fair Ridge Drive

Fairfax, VA 22033-2868


NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality Programs and Reports

Firefighter Fatality Investigation Program

Contact: NIOSH at


Firefighter Fatality Reports

A list of and links to all the periodic NIOSH reports on firefighter fatalities are available at:

The Aftermath of Firefighter Fatality Incidents: Preparing for the Worst.

United States Fire Administration, Technical Report Series, Report 089.

Contact: United States Fire Administration at

USFA Publications Center

16825 S. Seton Avenue

Emmitsburg, MD 21727


A Guide to Help the Fire Service Prepare for a Line of Duty Death.

Paul J. Antonellis, Jr., 1995

FPS Books and Videos

577 Main Street

Hudson, MA 01749

1-800-522-8528 or (978) 562-3554

Standard Operating Procedures for Line-of-Duty Deaths

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation has copies of Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines developed by fire departments across the country.

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

P.O. Drawer 498

Emmitsburg, MD 21727

301-447-1365 / Fax: 301-447-1645

NFFF Grief Brochures:

NFFF Lending Library:

Other Grief Resources: