Local Assistance State Team

Local Assistance State Team

Quick Reference guide for a LODD Incident

The Colorado Local Assistance State Team makes themselves available to all departments which have suffered the loss of a member. The Local Assistance State Team (LAST) is a group of professionals from the fire service that understand the job and the risks that are involved.  The LAST is made up of a diverse group of people with years of experience in the fire service and are trained in many aspects of dealing with Line of Duty Deaths as well as Active-Duty deaths. Team members have been trained by The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in Emmitsburg PA to be proficient when dealing with deaths and coordinating all of the honors bestowed to the deceased. The LAST also received training from The Department of Justice to help with the filing of federal benefit paperwork and making the required notifications on Federal, State, and Local levels.

When there is a Line of Duty Death, or an Active-Duty death the LAST will respond to help the families and the organization deal with their loss.  They are there to assist, give guidance, and compassion as well as help to alleviate any pressure on the Department so they have time to grieve. We will not self-deploy; we only respond when requested.

Quick notification of the LAST allows for a prompt response and organization of the process. Planning a line of duty death funeral is incredibly detailed so we work with the Fire Department and family to the extent needed to provide appropriate honors for their family member.

The team will work to help the family understand the role of the Colorado Fallen Firefighter Foundation and National Fallen Firefighter Foundations and the benefits and support provided by these foundations.  Finally, the Team is there to help with important dates and questions on an ongoing basis as needs arise.

Our services are provided at no cost to the agency or the family.

For information on joining the team please send us an email and tell us about yourself. We will be having a training academy later this year. (2022)

Rachael Nelson

State Coordinator



Bert Brooks

Honor Guard Coordinator


24/7 line 866-736-5868 to report a death